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Andi is a little nervous. She is been root TWO different ebony dudes, and has decided the best way to decide which one this babe loves best is for them to have a fuck-off. They both protest, but Andi is holding all the goodies, so they need to go along with it if they want any heaps of her tasty treats. Neither knows this, but her real motive is to get them both together to DOUBLE PENETRATION her. She starts out slow, first working one bulky pole, then the other, then when they’re both up and meaty, she spreads wide, and takes one in each of her Southern orifices. After both her holes are stretched to their limits, and this chick has collected enough orgasms to satisfy her DP cravings, she demands load from each of them. Ice does one of his super-shooter blasts and hits everything from her titties to the plant behind her. CJ takes a more measured approach, and kneels her down, tilts her headjob back, and lets his steaming volcano erupt , filling her open mouth with his white lava. Andi savors this hawt offering, then swallows for all she’s worth, as this babe makes it disappear!


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