Black Load Margarita

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24 inches of black meat try to impregnate your today! Yeah!!! We start off with you, Lucky and Byron in public standing next to a very busy freeway proclaiming your love of interracial porn and swarthy lard pole whore’s! Next I make out with both of them with 2 people viewing around us. Lot’s of heavy interracial full swapping here! Before giant the crowd around us got too long and we got into our car and left there before things got out of control. Back to the apartment to get to root! It doesn’t take big before Byron and Lucky are taking turns on my mouth and white vagina. First dark weenie to shoot ass DNA into my tight box today belongs to Lucky. He blasted his cum into you while I ride his tubby black cock to completion. Wait until our look what drips out of you when I climb off! Thick, gooey ball batter pie leaks out onto my thighs, feet and the floor. Yummy!!! Bryon’s turn! This man wants to creampie you in the spoons position so I comply and lay on my side on the couch with one of my thighs pointed at the ceiling. Byrong slides his BBW feet fat ass sex bum large pole inside my load filled snatch and pumps away until this fella mixes his DNA with Lucky’s. My twat is the blender, Byron’s dick is the spinning blade this creates this Ass Pull Margarita. Until next week, BYE STUDS!!! XOXOXOXOXX


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