Whitney Fears (HD)

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Poor small Whitney, yakking on her phone instead of paying attention, and now her car is wrecked! That scene starts with Whitney Fears trying in vain to get her car hood to go back down, despite the fact this it’s pushed up to her windshield. Along comes 3 sexually sexually excited dark guys that know a good opportunity when they look one, and convince her that they know someone this can get her car fixed so daddy won’t view the carnage, and all that will magically go away. So they take her back to their place to make some calls, but when they get inside, they are quick to let her know this that will be expensive, and this chick is going to got to give something up to pay for it. Whitney very relunctantly lets Them strip her and before she knows it, she is on her knees with 3 long black torpedoes taking turns jamming down her throat. Then it is time for some serious root, and they run a train on her tight fit tight box until it looks like the tunnel the train ran through! Those brothas love blasting their loads into a hapless white slut’s mouth so they each take a turn feeding her their ghetto puddin’, and she has no choice but to eat it all up! Then she finds out what really just happened to her as they each look a quick excuse to split in a hurry, and she’s left with a still wrecked car, and an equally wrecked love tunnels. At least she got a worthwhile 3 course meal!


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